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 अगर आप बिहार बोर्ड से हैं और 2024 में 12th का एग्जाम दे रहे हैं और आपने अब तक कुछ भी नहीं पढ़ा है और आप चाहते हैं कि सिर्फ 1 दिन में आपके English की,और  1 दिन  में आपके Hindi की  तैयारी हो जाए तो यह कोर्स आपके लिए है। इस कोर्स में specially आपको यह बताया गया है कि Exam में क्या आएगा और हमें कैसे लिखना है ? ऐसे Tips दिए गए हैं कि 1 दिन के बाद आपको लगेगा कि हाँ, अब मुझे एक्जाम में 70+ नंबर आ जाएगा और आ जाएगा नहीं बल्कि आ गया। ( For PDF 9955717992 ) ~399₹~ नहीं  सिर्फ़ 99₹


            Expected Questions 2024( INJECTION COURSE )


Warning: Remember all the chapters and writers name as well as poems and poets name.

Objective (prose)

1. Indian Civilization and Culture

1.India's glory is that it remains - immovable.

2.Our forefathers did not invent machinery because - it would make us slave.

3.Gandhi's autobiography name - My experiment with truth.


8.Mahatma Gandhi was not of material progress of the West - enamoured

9. Our ancestors were very happy with/enjoyed - true home rule.

10. In no civilization have all men attained - perfection




2. Bharat is my Home

1.Zakir Hussain was 3rd president who was born in Hyderabad and took oath in -1967.

2.According to Dr. Zakir Hussain, education is the - prime instrument.

3.Dr Hussain entered the office in the spirit of - prayerful humility.


6. Dr.Zakir Hussain was a eminent - educationist/eruditionist



3. A Pinch of Snuff

1.Nanukaka comes to/visited Delhi to - see ministers.

2.Narrator is - an under-secretary on probation.

3.Nanukaka is - narrator's maternal uncle.


8. Nanukaka managed to travel in 2nd class on a ticket of - 3rd class



4. I Have a Dream

1. Martin Luther King, Jr. dislikes - racial discrimination

2.Martin Luther delivered speech in-Lincoln Memorial Hall in-1963.

3. Martin Luther King Junior understand that some of the negroes have come out of the great - trials and tribulation


8.............. is sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression - Mississipi

9. "Let us not wallow in the valley of despair", is from - I Have a Dream

10...................advocates non-violent struggle - Martin Luther King Jr.



5. Ideas that have helped mankind

1.Bertrand Russell belongs to England and got Nobel prize in-1950.



6. The Artist

1.Seibei's hobby was - collecting gourd. Or, Seibei was fascinated by - gourds

2.Seibei was a twelve-year-old- Japanese boy.

3.At twelve, Seibei was at - primary school

4.Shiga Naoya belongs to - Japan

5.Seibei's father works at - Carpenter's shop

6.Seibei is now engrossed in - pictures

7. One day, Seibei was caught red-handed by - ethics teacher

8.Who was a scolded for painting pictures - Seibei



7. A Child is born

1.Germaine Greer belongs to - Australia

2. Rupthoka - is a kind of fairy tale of Bangladesh

3. The whole matter of pregnancy is a celebration in - traditional society

4.In Bangladesh, children are looked after by the - whole family



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8. How free is the Press is not free - everywhere

2.Garbling - is the special accomplishment of press interviewers

3.When we speak of the freedom of press we usually mean freedom from direction by the - government

4.Freedom of press is restricted during - war

5. The editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled by ……… Factors - two

6. The second chief source of revenue. of a newspaper is - wealth of  the owner

7. The state is the - servant of the people

9. The Earth

1.H.E Bates belongs to -England

2.Benjy left school at the age of -14

3.Benjy 8.At first Benjy kept - ten or a dozen hens

10. India through a travellers's eye

8.India was a part of the background of - Pearl S. Buck's life

11. A Marriage Proposal
1.A marriage proposal is - drama /one act play written by -Anton Chekhov who belongs to -Russia

2.Lomov's dog-Guess and Natalia's dog-leap

3.Lomov and choobookov are - neighbours and Landowners

4.Lomov is a man of - nervous temperament.

5.Lomov wants to marry - Natalia

6. Natalia is the daughter of - Choobookov

7.Who is hypochondriac - Lomov

8.Who threatens to take the matter to court? - Lomov

9. A Marriage Proposal' ends with the - marriage of Lomov and Natalia.

Objective (poetry)

Sweetest Love I do not Goe

1.Man's power is - very weak/feeble

2. The sun does not have - sense and desire

3.Whose tears are like rain? - the poet's wife's

9. John Donne thinks certain - death

Song of Myself

1.Atom of blood is same in every human being - Walt Whitman (Song of myself)

2.People's poet or father of American poetry - Walt Whitman

of Myself

6. Hoping to cease not till death - is from Song of Myself

7. "And what I assume you shall assume" is taken form - Song of Myself

Now the leaves are Falling Fast

1.The prams are - rolling on

2.Travellers are blessed by - waterfall

3.'Nurse' in the poem 'Now the Leaves are Falling Fast' stands for - a plant

10. According to Auden, human life is no better than - death

Ode to Autumn

1.John Keats - a romantic poet belongs to England.

2.Autumn is - the season of mellow fruitfulness

3.Sun is conspiring with - autumn

4. Who will make quicker journey than the sun? - Autumn

5.Which season is called the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - Autumn

6.'Close bosom friend of the maturing sun'; - Ode to Autumn

An Epitaph

1. lady in An Epitaph belongs to - west country

2.'An Epitaph' deals with - a beautiful lady

3. Walter De La Received - Order of merit in -1953

9. And when I crumble, who will remember' is from - An Epitaph

The Soldier

1. Rupert Brooke is a - war poet belongs to - England and died due to - Septicemia.

2.He fought/died in the - 1st world war.

3. The Soldier is - a war poem/sonnet (14 line poems)

4.English and England has been used - 6 times in the poem The Soldier

5. 'That there's some corner of a foreign field That is for ever.......... - England

6. Rupert Brooke expresses his love for his - country

7. The term 'concealed' in The Soldier' stands for - hidden

Macavity: the mystery Cat

1.T.S Eliot - is a poet and a dramatist.

2.TS Eliot, famous for - verse drama is a 20th century poet.

3.Macavity is - a mystery cat called - Napoleon of crime and also hidden paw.

4.Macavity is full of - deceitfulness.

5.......... is a master criminal - Macavity

6.Macavity is the bafflement of - Scotland yard

7. 'His brow is deeply lined with thoughts, his head is highly domed'……….. who is the poet describing? - Macavity

8. 'You may seek him in the basement, You may look up in the air'; this is the line from - Macavity: the mystery cat

9.Macavity 'always has an - Alibi


1. The redness of the fire appears …… to the poet - cruel

2. The poet witnessed...... left on the burning ghat - grey ashes

7.Ghat is located - on the bank of river

8.Burning ghat erupted phosphorescence is from - Fire-hymn.

9.Daruwalla's poetry is - impressionistic


1.Snake was the first comer at-water-trough & the poet was-second comer.

2. The poet had gone to the water-trough on a - hot day.

3. The colour of Snake was - yellow brown.


11.'1 picked up a - clumsy log

threw it at the water trough with a clatter' is taken from:- Snake

My Grandmother's House

1. There is a house far away where once I receive love.... Is from -My grandmother's house.

2. The speaker of 'My Grandmother's House' is proud of - her grandmother's house

3.Kamala Das wrote in both -English and Malayalam and shortlisted for - Nobel Prize in 1984

4. The poet begs for - love At - stranger's door

5. The poetess received/got....... from her grandmother - Love

6. "pick an armful of darkness to bring it here to lie" is from - My Grandmother's House

Objective(Story Of English)

1.old English period -449 to 1066, Middle English -1150 to 1500 and Modern English -Since 1500 till now

2.Golden period for English literature - King Alfred's period.

3.Norman conquest took place in - 1066.

4. Normans belong to - France.

5.English is used in China as -  a foreign language.

6. The Old English Period is characterized by - inflection

7. The early 18th century is known as the - Augustan Age

8.Old English and middle were - dialectical.

23. The Romantic Revival" is often associated with - William Wordsworth

24.Goldsmith and Sheridan made contributions to the - English stage

25 ……….is a 'window to the world' - English

26.Paradise lost is an - epic

27. The texts of which period are difficult to read and understand? - Old English

28. Who were together called the Anglo-Saxons - the Angles,

the Saxons and the...... - The Jute

29.In India & Pakistan, English is spoken - as second language

30. Langland and Geoffrey Chaucer wrote during - Middle English

31......... scholars were known as the 'University Wits' - Elizabethan

32. English developed into a single, standard - Queen's English

33. King lear' is a - tragedy by Shakespeare

34....... has the largest number of native spearkers  - English

35. which is the first Indian novel in English - Rajmohan's wife

36. What has enriched the vocabulary of English - Borrowing


1.Lamia, Hyperion & Endymion were written by - John Keats

2. The Lotus - Toru Dutt

3.Emma, Pride and prejudice - Jane Austen.

4.Arms and the man - GB Shaw

5.Chitra, Gitanjali and Red Oleander is written by - R N Tagore.

6.Kanthapura, serpent and the rope - Raja Rao.

7.A suitable boy, The Golden Gate - Vikram Seth.

17. The Canterbury Tales - Chaucer

18.Tughlaq - Girish Karnad


ü  TRICKS for Objective


1.(Type बताने का)

Essay कौन कौन सा chapter है ?

Trick: भारतीय विचार सुनकर बच्चे भी आजाद हो जाते हैं

भारतीय - Indian Civilization and Culture, INDIA through the traveler’s eyes

विचार - Ideas that have helped mankind

बच्चे - A Child is Born

आजाद - How Free is the Press

Speech कौन कौन सा chapter है?


Story कौन कौन सा chapter है?

Trick-38 साल के मोती ने 48 साल के एलियट से पूछा कि 50 नंबर की जर्सी वाला रसल भी एक 64 राजा है क्या ?

मोती - Pearls Buck - 1938

एलियट - TS Eliot - 1948

रसल - Bertrand Russell 1950

राजा - Martin Luther King Jr. 1964


III. एक जगह से दूसरी जगह शिफ्ट होने वाले)

Trick- अमेरिका के मोती ने अमेरिका के ही एलियट को इंग्लैंड के ऑडेन से बहुत पिटवाया।

मोती - (Peari S Buck ) From America to China

एलियट (TS Eliot) - From America to England

ऑडेन (WH Auden) From England to America



Main Characters:-

A Pinch of Snuff - Nanukaka

The Artist - Seibei

The Earth – Benjy



Mahatma Gandhi - My experiment with truth

Kamala Das - My Story


Prose से पूछे जाने वाले Lines:-

1. we notice that mind is a restless bird the more it gets the more it wants is from -Indian Civilization and culture.

2. The past is not dead and static. It is alive and dynamic is taken from - Bharat is my Home

3. Many thrust their advice upon India and she remains study - Indian Civilization and Culture

4. I pledge my loyalty to my country irrespective of religion or language - Bharat is my Home

onship between is more important than that between husband and wife …. -A Child is Born

16. 'For the next four or five years Benjy went on creating more houses for more hens' if from: -The Earth

17. "Many thrust their advice upon India, and she remains steady" is taken from:-  Indian Civilization and Culture

18. "It is possible that a hen, being a simple creature, thrives best on simple treatment', is taken from.............. - The Earth



             Expected Questions 2024( INJECTION COURSE )




70+ चाहे कुछ पढ़ा हो या न पढ़ा हो। 


Subjective-50 Marks


Q1. Essay - 8 Marks

Q2. Explanation (Prose) - 4 Marks

Q3. Explanation (Poetry) - 4 Marks

Q4. Letter/Application - 5 Marks

Q5. Short Question - 5×2=10 Marks

Q6. Passage or Precis - 4 Marks


Q7. (A)Prose Summary

(B)Poetry Summary

(C)Long Question (S.O.E)

(D)Match (Poem/Poet)

(E) Translation No Need

(F)Match (Author/Work)

  ·        इसमें से कोई तीन·        हर सवाल  5 Marks का

   Expected Questions 2024

Essay:- 8 MARKS FIX


7. "Yet gradually his father had begun to scold him for painting pictures.'

Ans. The above-mentioned line has been taken from the story 'The Artist' written by Shiga Naoya where the writer is talking about unsupportive father who first scolded his son Seibei for working on gourds and ultimately smashed all his collection .So, the boy to painting picture .But his father started to scold again .It shows how uncooperative his father is. Or, Perhaps his father wants him to focus on study and not on extracurricular activities.


8. He knew nothing about the stock markets. But he knew everything about a hen.

Ans. It has been said about Benjy that he had no knowledge of the stock market as he was completely focused on his poultry business. That's right, he knew everything about his chickens, how to give them hygienic food, how to protect them from diseases, how to make those chickens produce more eggs. Because his heart was in his business only. He had no interest in worldliness. So he had no knowledge of the stock market.


Poetry -

1.        Whose white waterfall could bless

Traveller's in their last distress.

Ans. The above-mentioned lines have been taken from the poem "Now the leaves are falling fast composed by WH Auden. Here, the poet is describing a mountain which is very difficult to reach and cold as well but the waterfalls from that vast mountain proves to a blessing for travelers who are in a lot of trouble or distress. The waterfall is always ready to quench the thirst of the travellers through its spring who are wandering for water.


2. Here lies a most beautiful lady,

Light of step and heart was she;

Ans. These are the opening lines of 'An Epitaph' in which Walter de la Mare indicates to a grave and says that in this grave a most beautiful woman is lying. The poet adds ironically that she had the habit of moving here and there and had no commitment. He says that it is not enough for a lady to be beautiful. She must also have the qualities of mind and heart.


3. And when I crumble you will remember

this lady of the western country?

Ans. The poet thinks that when he dies there won't be anyone to remember the lady of the west country. Every living being has to go to the celestial world. As this lady of the west country died, I also have to go a day from this world. But no one would be there to pay attention towards this beautiful lady. It means the beauty is transient in nature and death is inevitable.


4. There is a house now far away where once…….

I received love

Ans. The above-mentioned lines have been taken from the poem "My Grand Mother's House" composed by Kamala Das. Here, the poetess is reminiscing about her home which is far away today and where she once found immense love. An old woman lived in that house who was her grandmother. That house was her ancestral home where he spent his childhood with his grandmother. But now that old lady is no more. The woman who loved the poetess selflessly passed away.



Short Questions and Long Question:-

1.Name any five English/writers/poets/authors/dramatists.

Ans. Five English/writers/poets/authors/dramatists are -

(i) R N Tagore (ii) Samuel Beckett (iii) William Shakespeare (iv) John Dryden (v)T S Eliot


12.What do you mean by Great Vowel Shift?

Ans. The Great Vowel Shift was a massive sound change affecting the long vowels of English during the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. Basically, the long vowels shifted upwards; that is, a vowel that used to be pronounced in one place in the mouth would be pronounced in a different place, higher up in the mouth.


13. Who are the whispering neighbours?

Ans. They are the angel of death who seizes our soul and as a result we die.


14. what were the two major concerns of the early Indian poets writing in English?

Ans. During the early period of Indian poets writing in English, two major concerns were often prevalent. The first one was 'Identity and Cultural Heritage' & the second was 'Colonial and Social Issues'.


15. what are the dramatic structures of a tragedy?

Ans. The dramatic structures of a tragedy are Exposition, Complication, Crisis, Denouement, Catastrophe and Conclusion.


16. Why is Macavity termed a 'criminal'?

Ans. By nature, Macavity is a criminal cat. He breaks every law but still manages to escape. He commits various sorts of crime. Some time he drinks milk, some time he breaks the glass, some time it ransacks the Jewel case but found nowhere. He never leaves any evidence behind him.


17.How is English a world/global/international language?

Ans. The language which is written, spoken and understood on a large area of the world map is said to be a World/Global/International language and undoubtedly its credit goes to English. Approx all the countries of the world have adopted it either as a mother, second or a foreign language. It has been the language of science and technology, trade and marketing, books and academies, sports and communication, computer and internet today. It also works as a link language all over the world today. So, we can say that English is a World/Global/International language.


18. How did Seibei's father react to the teachers complaint?

Ans. After the teacher caught Sebei polishing the gourd in the classroom he scolded and beat Seibei and went to complain his parents. But unfortunately, his father was not at home. When his father came and listened to the complaint from his mother, he smashed the whole collection of seibei with his hammer.


19.What does the poet/Walter De La Mare think about 'beauty'?

Ans. The poet says that beauty does not remain forever. It has to pass one day. One day it vanishes.


20. What did Dr. Radhakrishnan bring to the Presidency ?

Ans. Dr Radhakrishnan brought to the presidency a mental equipment, a degree of erudition and wealth of experience rarely to be found anywhere. He was always busy in the pursuit of Knowledge and truth.


21.write a short note on Middle English.

Ans. The period between AD 1150 AD 1500 is called the period of middle English. It had five dialects- Northern, Southern, East midland, west midland & Kentish. It was easy to understand. The writing system was legible. There were two major influence on middle English-French & Latin. These influences brought rich vocabularies in English. This period was a golden period for English literature. CHAUCHER, GOWER & LANGLAND are some notable writers of this period.


22.Write a note of future of English in India?

Ans. The Future of English is very bright in India. It has also a glorious past & since then it has been popular among the people of India. Not even a single institution in India is there where English is not taught as a medium or as a language. It has been a status symbol today. There are uncountable English learning institution in India. The rate of learning English is rapidly increasing. In a short period of time it has got a rank of secondary language & implemented in every section.


23. What is civilization in the real sense of the term ?

Ans. In the words of Gandhiji, Civilization is that mode of conduct which points out to man the path of duty. If we talk about the real sense, it's is actually the curb of our desire. It is the way of living which we got from our ancestors.


24.What are the trials and tribulations Martin Luther King Jr. talks about?

Ans. Martin Luther King Junior talks about those trials and tribulations which is faced by the Negroes around the country. When the Negroes raise their voice against this racial discrimination their voices are suppressed. They are misbehaved and treated as the last grade citizens.


25. Write a note on English as the second language of India.

Ans. English is like a second language in India because many people speak it along with their own regional languages. We use English in schools, offices, and for important things. It helps us understand each other, get good jobs, and talk to people from different countries. So, even though we have many languages in India, English is like a common language that connects us all.


26. what is a Farce?

Ans. Farce is a type of drama which is designed solely to excite laughter. A farce is like a funny play where everything goes a bit crazy. People might get mixed up, and silly things happen a lot. It's all meant to make you laugh, and the characters do funny and exaggerated things. It's not serious or realistic-it's just for fun and to make people laugh a lot.

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